Upcoming Guests on Becoming: Who We Are

Here is a list of guests who will be appearing soon on the podcast:

Tripp Fuller, Host of Homebrewed Christianity, Phillip Clayton's Pancho Sanza? (June 6, 2011)

Tripp is the co-creator of the much ballyhooed podcast "Homebrewed Christianity." The work at Homebrewed greatly influences my own work here at "Becoming: Who We Are," and it was a wish of mine to interview Tripp, a PhD student at Claremont Graduate School in Process Philosophy/Theology. In our talk, Tripp passionately discusses process thinking, but presents it in a very interesting, accessible way- which will be a must listen if you are interested in knowing the type of philosophy and theology that informs what "Becoming: Who We Are" is all about.

Chad Holtz, Blogger (Week of June 13, 2011)

Chad blogs over at "Dancing On Saturday," where he explores themes surrounding the "already-but-not-yet" reality of the Kingdom of God. Chad was let go as a pastor in a church back in March for things he discussed on his blog, most notably his now famous post, "What I Gained by Giving up Hell" and his support for Rob Bell and his book Love Wins, and his exploration of Christian Universalism.

Greg Albrecht, President of Plain Truth Ministries and Editor-in-Chief of Plain Truth Magazine (Week of June 20, 2011)

Greg was once one of the leaders of the World Wide Church of God, which at the time was marked with spiritual abuse and profound legalism. Through God's grace, Greg was set free from toxic religion and now heads up a ministry that focuses on helping others transition out of toxic religion and into a life of grace. Through their magazine, weekly online worship gatherings, newsletters, and Greg's books, Plain Truth has been helping "set captives free."

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