Recycling Your Faith with Craig Spinks: Becoming Episode 6

Craig Spinks has a tremendous website- "Recycle Your Faith," ( where challenging questions are explored and conversations are sparked. Craig puts up new material every Monday.

I believe that part of becoming who we are is to wrestle freely with challenging questions, and even as Craig suggests, coming to terms with mystery and being okay with unanswered questions. With that, the conversations we have with people who might see things differently or who help us wrestle with these questions also serve to shape us, sometimes for years after the actual conversation took place.

After you listen to the interview, let me encourage you to leave a comment here on the blog or send me an email (, or call me up and leave a message on skype (cody.stauffer) or message me on twitter (@wearebecoming). I want to know what questions you have been struggling with (I'm not going to answer them, by the way) and what conversations that you have had in the past have shaped you or continues to shape you.

Thank you, everyone!

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