Connecting with Saint Francis via Ian Morgan Cron: Becoming Episode 5

Hello again! Hey, so here's the good news- I have some new headphones and I am ready to tackle this once again. I thank you for your patience, and I am going to reward you with a terrific interview with Ian Morgan Cron, the author of the great book Chasing Francis. I had a lot of fun with this interview, and the book really is a great read.

Saint Francis has been a real interest of mine for about the last year or so. His life has some astounding resonance with the times we are in, even though he lived 800 years ago. As Ian will share, you could plop him down right here and his life would be just as relevant for the church today as it was then. I hope you enjoy, and please, share your comments, suggestions, feedback, ideas, everything! You can leave some comments here or check out our twitter profile @wearebecoming, or send us an email: We'll get a page up on facebook here soon, as well. You could donate, too, if you feel so inclined! Check out the right hand side of the page for my info. Thanks again!

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