Rebuilding Pangea with Kurt Willems: Becoming Episode 7

Blogger and Mennonite Brethren church planter/pastor Kurt Willems joins me for this episode of Becoming: Who We Are. Kurt blogs over at the Pangea Blog, where he talks about a kingdom without borders, nonviolence, reconciliation, evolution, Jesus and nationalism, and a few random bits and pieces here and there. We talk about how his Anabaptist roots have shaped him personally and his thoughts for his upcoming church plant in 2012.

Near the beginning, we tough a little bit on the topic of Rob Bell's newest book and the attention it has been receiving even ahead of its release. Kurt responded to a post by another blogger who might have jumped to a few conclusions (especially when you consider this particular blogger hadn't even read the book yet). We talk about the reaction to Rob's book from certain corners of the Evangelical world and why the questions Rob brings up are crucial right now.

I encourage you to go check out Kurt's writing at The Pangea Blog, and definitely scope out the resources he has to offer small groups. He has more in the works covering the topic of Non-violence and a few other issues. He's always willing to talk about his deep roots in the Anabaptist tradition as well.

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