Darkness, Too with Gene Anderson: Becoming Episode 8

My guest, Rev. Gene Anderson (Presbyterian Minister and Outlaw Preacher), was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2009. In our interview, he shares what his journey- with all of its twists and turns- has been like as he opened up and told his congregation about his diagnosis, and has dealt with the process of coming to terms with who he is. He shares how he has found some safe communities online and in bars as he plays in a band, and also his frustrations dealing with insurance (and having none), as well as what it was like when he had to deal with an extended period of time without medication. He tells some great stories about his dad, as well.

This interview is loaded with some great insights- it's been my favorite interview to date, and I have had some great interviews.

Check out Rev. Gene's blog "Rucksack Revolution."

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