Getting Naked (Spirituality) with Brian McLaren: Becoming Episode 9

Brian McLaren joins me to discuss his newest book, Naked Spirituality: A Life With God in 12 Simple Words. In his book, Brian shares a framework for simple, spiritual practices. He talks about the life of faith and spirituality, and four stages of development, equating them to the four seasons of our year. In each season, he describes three practices and prayer that can help, and he sums them each up with a simple word.

During the interview, Brian talks about his own development and how he came by this simple framework. He shares some mentors he has had along the way, and the difference between REligion and what he has called DEligion. It's a great interview that you don't want to miss.

During the show, Cody also shares two songs from a high school friend who creates music under the name Blizz the Divine. Cody also talks about Civitas Press, a new venture in publishing that is innovative and unique.

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