The Art of Living with L.L. Barkat: Becoming Episode 10

In episode 10, I talk with L.L. Barkat, a writer, speaker, poet and entrepreneur. She talks about writing and poetry, how her daughters are becoming talented writers themselves, and even shares a work of her own.

From her website:
 L.L. Barkat is a popular speaker for a New York ministry and the author of God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us (T. S. Poetry Press), InsideOut: poems (International Arts Movement) and Stone Crossings: Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden Places(InterVarsity Press). She is Managing Editor for, sponsored by the Foundations for Laity Renewal and Staff Writer for International Arts Movement's The Curator.
You can find some of her work on the many blogs she writes on:
     Seedlings in Stone (her signature blog on writing, art, spirituality, and life)
     Stone Crossings (on  her book of the same name, with excerpts, interviews, reviews, and readings)
     Green Inventions Central (her blog on health and stewardship)
     Love Notes to Yahweh (her blog for prayer and devotion)

I also close out the episode with a piece of music from an amazing undiscovered talent, so be sure to listen for that.

And I want to know what your favorite poems are- share them with us in the comments, call on skype and leave and audio message of you reading it (cody.stauffer on skype is how you can find me), or leave an email message with an mp3 file attached of you reading it, and I will make sure to include your poetry in our next episode. And of course, come check out the facebook page and like us so that we can get our custom URL on facebook. Enjoy!

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