We Listen in Order to Create- Essay by Kenton Lee (ep. 11)

We listen in order to create.

This is what Because International is all about.  The more we operate our nonprofit, the more we connect with people, the more we try to pursue our mission of innovation – this is the phrase that sums up everything about us.

We listen in order to create.

It begins with listening.  In order to help make life better for those living in extreme poverty, we have to start with them.  We have to include them.  We have to listen to them.  We have to hear their voice and consider their ideas.  They are the ones who are living right at the source of extreme poverty.  They live in it every day.  The ideas for betterment should not be coming solely from those in the United States.  It has to include the voices, ideas, and involvement of those living in extreme poverty.

We listen in order to create.

Once we have listened and discovered ideas that could make people’s lives better – now it is the time to create.  Both in the US and around the world, there are very smart people who can use their expertise and resources to innovate and create.  It is not only the for-profit companies who can create and update amazing products.  We can utilize the same creativity and ingenuity to innovate and improve products that will make life better for those living in poverty.

We listen in order to create.

That is Because International.  We listen to those living in poverty in order to help create products that will make their life better.

We want to listen.

We want to create.

We want to help.

Come be a part of The Conversation and Because International.

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